The Boss earned a TKO at the box office last week as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was bumped from the top spot (thanks to The Boss‘ Thursday preview dollars) but everything is out of contention for this week’s #1 at the box office. This week you can write The Jungle Book in Sharpie but will it top $80 million? It’s not expected to approach April’s biggest opening (Furious 7 opened at $147 million last year) but it could make it to #3 (Fast Five at $86 million) or it could miss the mark and not even make it to #4 (Fast & Furious at $71 million). Also joining the fray is yet another sequel with a huge gap between it’s last appearance on the big screen: Barbershop: The Next Cut which comes 12 years after Barbershop 2. All that, a Kevin Costner film and two very exciting platform releases in To See or Not to See for the week of April 15th:
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