1. Dear ol’ Tippy? You went Tippy? Yep, ya sure did. Who names a dog Tippy? That’s a movie I might wanna see.

  2. I’d a went Scooby, btw. 😏

  3. Tippy was my cat’s name!!!! 🙂 Mr. Tippy Snuggles was his full name. Tippy for short. 🙂

    1. And he probably wore a bow tie. Lol 🐱

  4. Author

    George Carlin had a dog named Tippy.

  5. Orioles had a relief pitcher Martinez named Tippy.

  6. Well our Tippy would disappear for days. My mom used to tell me Tippy went on train trips. I used to picture him coming back with a suitcase and stickers all over him from his various adventures. Then one day he came home and brought two kittens with him that looked like miniature Tippys. They were obviously his children. Then he proceeded to do terrible things to them in the yard. I was traumatized.

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